My Machines

I will have a better chance of survival and a better quality of life with the use of daily machines. They range from helping me expand my lungs, helping me cough, and helping to keep my secretions out of my airways These are just three of many different machines I need. Please take a moment to read the information below that will give you more detail of what each machine does and why I need it. It will help to give you insight into my machines. The cost of these machines alone is so overwhelming, that we need your financial assistance.

BiPAP stands for Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure. This machine gives air under pressure through a nose mask to keep airways open and unobstructed. It tracks my breathing and lowers the pressure during exhaling. I will use this machine each evening while sleeping to help expand my lungs and reversed my con-caved chest.

SATS Monitor
An oxygen saturation monitor is a monitor indicating my oxygen levels. It also monitors my heart rate to let everyone know how I'm doing at all times. It is connected to me by a foot or toe sensor everyday, every hour, every minute. It also has an alarm to let my parents and caregivers a heads up if my oxygen and heart rate begin to decrease.

This machine helps me to cough effectively. It blows air into my lungs and then sucks the same amount out. This allows me to clear my lungs, upper airway and sinuses of any plugs or secretions since my respitory muscles are too weak to clear the airways themselves.

Suction Machine
The purpose of this machine is to remove mucus from my airway. Since I have a very weak cough, being able to clear my lungs, throat and mouth of excessive secretions is harder for me than for normal a child. Since I lost my swallow, I normally push my secretions out of my mouth. This machine helps to suction those secretions, especially now that I'm becoming a big girl and teething.

Oxygen Tank
Oxygen is currently being used at night to help my oxygen level. I do not have my BiPap machine so the oxygen at a small level helps maintain my oxygen flow. I use this through a nasal cannula or nose prongs at night while I sleep.

Kangaroo Feeding Pump
When I lost my swallow, I needed a new way to eat. So, I had a G tube placed and that is how I now eat. The kangaroo feeding pump is how I get feed overnight. It measures how much I get, over what length of time. I am connected up to it from 10 pm until 8 am at this point in time. The G tube is placed above my belly button to my left, so no more sleeping on my tummy at night since I get hooked up to my feeding pump.

It has been shown that some children with SMA Type I respond very well to a respiratory protocol including this equipment, therefore we feel that by raising money to buy these items we are giving Christina the best chances that we can.